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Donate to Keep the UK Defence Forum Online

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Hi all,

Until now, the UK Defence Forum has been hosted online completely free, however this will no longer be the case. As I cannot afford the site’s hosting solely out of my own pocket, I’ve opened the site up to donations. Without donations, I’m afraid I will have to close the site for good, which would be a shame.

Your donations, of any amount you choose, will be used to pay towards the site’s hosting. In return, I can only offer you my sincere gratitude and a donator forum group.

Currently, donations are all made through Paypal so they’re 100% safe and secure. If you wish to donate via other means, please PM me.

Please include your forum name with your donation as I won’t be able to assign you a donator forum group without it! If you forget to do this, feel free to private message me.

Please also notify me if I forget to add your usergroup!

To donate, please press the button below or scan the QR code: