Counter Mobility

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Counter Mobility

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I thought Counter Mobility deserved a thread of its own. This is the response to an FOI request I received recently:

Dear Chris Werb

Thank you for your email of 24 November requesting the following information:

“I would like the following information.

1. Is the L9 series Bar mine still in British military service in its intended anti-tank role.
2. Is any off-route anti-tank mine still in British military service ?
3. Is the American RAAMS 155mm anti tank mine dispensing projectile in British
military service?
4. Is the MLRS rocket equipped with AT-2 anti tank mines still in British military
5. Are any other explosive counter mobility systems in British military service?
6. Is there any initiative to reintroduce an explosive counter mobility capability to the
British Armed Forces?
7. Why was the Shielder rapid deployment counter-mobility system retired.”

In response to Questions One to Five of your request, I can advise that the answer to each
question is no.

In response to Question Six of your request, the answer to your question is yes.

In response to Question Seven of your request, I can advise that the Shielder system was
retired due to its obsolescence.
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