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South China Sea / Philippines

Posted: 25 Mar 2024, 10:34
by Markam
Hello, I did not see a thread on this but it has been brewing over the last few months. China and the Philippines are having quite the spat around the Chinese claims in the South China Sea

Some recent articles; ... 024-03-25/ ... scalation/

It has been a long time brewing, as China was able to get away with building bases in the area for far too long, and has grown overly confident.

I have read that it may be possible for the Philippines to trigger the defence pact with the US if Chinese actions result in loss of life, which could have severe consequences. I am a bit sceptical, but tensions are high and war has happened for less. ... ina-sea-9/

Re: South China Sea / Philippines

Posted: 28 Mar 2024, 10:46
by Markam

Can only hope water cannons and collisions do not result in any deaths.

Re: South China Sea / Philippines

Posted: 30 Apr 2024, 09:38
by Markam

There's a sense of banality to these so called "grey zone" tactics, but the possibility of serious injury or death is very real.

The Philippines is also currently building up their coast guard and navy with help from US aligned countries.